So far, game club, each time, has played one game with several of the same game going Revolution Boxon at different tables.  It was fun, and each game club we played a new game.  All of this changed today.  This is because this time, we had THREE DIFFERENT GAMES going on at once!  This was done by having one person who was experienced at one of the games teach the rest of their group how to play.  We had Heros Of The World, Cleopatra, and Revolution.  I was at the revolution table, and, being the only one who went to the revolution tournament, I taught Zach, Mark, and Julian how to play.  Heros of the World - BoxIt was interesting to do things this way, but it was by all means a welcome twist!  Our games of Revolution, in my opinion, were very fun.  We got two rounds of the game in.  In the first round, It looked like I had a lot in the beginning, but Julian caught up and ended up beating me because he controlled a lot of the territories.  I ended up coming in second, but Zach and Mark did well too.  Our second game was surprisingly

similar to our first.  Julian seemed to have a knack for the Cleopatragame, and he won again!  The games were great though, and we still had another hour left!  And so, tired of leading a pointless Revolution, we turned to the game, Tumbling Dice.  Zach told us all how to play, and we had a good time flicking the dice around.  Zach won, because he was very experienced.  By this time, Cleopatra and Heros Of The World were wrapped up too, and we still had thirty minuts!  This is how we ended up playing the werewolf game (for more info on werewolf, see the post Shiva made about howTumblin Dice - Box the game works).  We played two awesome rounds of backstabbing, doubting, and furtive calculations!  In the first game, the villagers won, and in the second game, the werewolves struck back and many humans were voted out or eaten alive.  This game club was one of the best yet, and I am sure everybody had a lot of fun!!


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