On Friday, we had our 6th game night, and it was a lot of fun. At one table, there was Kat, Charlie, Max, and Noe. At my table, there was Minhal, Philip, another seventh grader, and I. We all were playing this really fun game called Cleopatra. The game is hard at first, but once you get the hand of it, you really enjoy yourself! The point of the game is to go to the market and get as many resources as you can get. One thing that is hard is that you can only have ten resource cards, or else you have to discard as many as you need to get back down to ten, the pay a corruption token. A corruption token is this chip you get if you have a number of things. It wouldn’t matter how many gold you have, if you have the most corruption tokens, you loses! Another thing that involves the corruption tokens is you have 5 die. On one side of each die, there is this little swirl. If all swirls are up, then each player has to give a offering to the gods. All you have to do is give as many gold tokens as you want, but the person with the highest offering gets to take out 3 corruption tokens from his or her pile. The second highest offering has to put 1 corruption token in their pile, 3rd highest offering, 2 tokens and so on.

Philip started out. He had these great moves and ideas that just didn’t make it out of his head. He said he had this one card that would save him from all his corruption tokens, but he was just getting those things left and right. Every turn he collected about 3 tokens! Next was the other seventh grader. She was very cautious with her moves and didn’t do to many risks. One thing that she did though that was very nice was that after her turn, she would think about her next turn, so her turn went very quickly! After that is was Minhal. Minhal was having a great time and it looked like she really got the game. She had a lot of good ideas and really tried to make them happen. During one turn, I rolled the dice and we had 4 of them already turned on the little swirly thing, and I rolled the fifth. That meant that we had to give a offering to the gods. Minhal said” what if we all just put in one gold piece, that way we only have to pay one corruption token.” So the three girls put in 1 gold piece, but Philip put in about 25! He may not have had to get a corruption token, but he lost a lot of gold! Near the end of the game, we all were getting really good. Minhal had built a lot of buildings, and so did the other girl. Poor Philip was just not doing to well at the end. I was doing really good, had only about 3 corruption tokens, and lots of gold! It was really funny; Shiva had just shown up and was watching my turn. There was one more die and I had to role it. I got the side with the swirl on it, so we had to make a offering to the gods. Minhal and I were going crazy, and Shiva asked what the big deal was, and as if planned, Minhal and I said at the same time,” Now we have to make a offering to the gods!” After that, we just started laughing really hard! At the end of the game, I won, then Minhal, the other girl, and then Philip who had the most corruption tokens. It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs! It was a great game night!