Last night in Game Club, we played some great games. We tried a new game out called El Paso. It is a fun-filled game that pushes your luck to the breaking point. You are a bandit in the wild west that is trying to collect as much loot as you can to turn it in to gold. At one table we had Will V., Phillip G., Julian R., Saji R., and Michael K. At the other table we had Maya, Ellie B., Jack, Sarah D., and Mr. Matera. At our table Michael one by 2 over Phillip, and at the other table Ellie creamed everyone else. After El Paso we switched up the games and the other group played Worm Up and Resistance (see The Resistance) while we played Guillotine. All the games were great and I would recommend them to everyone.
El Paso 9/10
Guillotine 8.5/10