Friday the 16th, of October in the year 2009 we began a Conquest for the fallen lands. Warriors from all around came to do battle agains what ever this world could through against them. We also had several good lords trying to build up there kingdoms in the game Kingsburg. This is a building game where you are trying to build up your village to curry favor with the king. You will try to influence his advisors to help you in your quest to make the best village.

There were two games of Kingsburg being played. Both games were fierce. In one of the games it was a narrow victory by only one point, in the other game the winner only one by pic147417_mdthree points. For there first time out it was a delight to see these students picking up the intricate game so quickly. Mr. Markwald was there to help guide and crush them in there first game (actually he lost). The night was fun fill with every participant saying they will be returning for rematches as well as learning some new games that are coming.

The other game we played was Conquest of the Fallen lands. This is a unique game in the collection. It is made by a small publisher who has only created two games I believe. No matter when you create one as good as this. We had five players all who were battling it out on this modular board. The setup of the board was a hard one created by Mr. Markwald himself. The game is a sold game one that all game club members should try out. I don’t have that strong of a winning record on this game however it is still very enjoyable to me. In my opinion that is the mark of a good game. This try was no different for me Sam E. pulled out the win with Andrew B. in a close second. I look forward to my next play of this game and would love to have a rematch soon with these players. Charles B. and Shiva both had impressive first plays and I think would change their strategies considerably for next time. The rematch would be a hard fought battle between now five veteran players.

Check out these fun photos from our night. Oh and come join us some time.

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