The game night was better then the first. We had three tables of the game Settlers of Catan. We had a mix of returning soldiers from the last game night as well as some new recruits. Among the new soldiers who are the rank of Privates are: Brooks, Max L., Minhal, Ibrahim, Zach, and Chad. These brave soldiers took the challenge and entered the relm of the Historical Game Club.

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan, is a great trading game where you are starting a small settlement

on the island of Catan. On the island resources are scarce and competition is fierce.

Four new settlements are underway all with the aim of having the best one. This is a great game with some very tense trades and plans that have to be changed as different commodities become harder and harder to aquaire.

DSC02460All three games were going well. Some of our soldiers had to leave their posts early to go on leave. This cut some of the games short. I hope in the future this does not happen to often. As this does cause the game that the others are left playing to be like a book with out a last chapter.

At the end of the night we finished off with a game of Pitch Car. This is a light dexterity racing game. This is one of the clubs favorite light games. We all had some snacks and a good time. It was fun to see you all having so many laughs and smiles on your faces. I can’t wait till next time!